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Crystal Johnson

Crystal Johnson

Transaction Coordinator

Crystal Harrington is hardworking, self-motivated, and strives to provide all clients with the best possible experience in every transaction as our team's Transaction Coordinator.  She reduces the stress of all clients by staying on top of every aspect of each transaction.  Crystal’s goal for each transaction is to make sure each client is happy and well-informed throughout their transaction. 

After five years as a stay-at-home mother to her three children, Crystal decided it was time to get back into the workforce. With a passion for real estate, Crystal was blessed with the opportunity to work with a broker out of California as a Virtual Office Manager.  She is experienced in many aspects of transaction coordination from making an offer to closing, as well as everything in between. Crystal now has her real estate license hanging in Reno, NV and is a nationally Certified Transaction Coordinator.  

Crystal is currently involved in many facets of real estate from the Sacramento Valley to the Jersey Shore. Crystal was born in Montana, raised in Nevada and now lives in Nevada with her three children.